HOUSE RULES for residents of LeatherHead Start

We want you to feel that you are in a peaceful and safe place.

Residents are asked to show respect for each other, the staff and visitors and to keep the hostel rules at all times.

  1. Entry to the building is by the staff at the front door only.
  2. The security of the building is the responsibility of the staff. You must not answer the door bell or permit entry in any other way to any other person.
  3. Visitors are not normally permitted in the hostel. Where exceptions are made, with the permission of the senior member of staff on duty, visitors will be bound by these house rules and you will be held responsible for the behaviour of your visitors and any breaches that may occur.
  4. Antisocial behaviour is a breach of your licence: All occupants of, and visitors to the hostel are entitled to a safe and quiet environment, free from abuse.
  5. Harassment on the grounds of race, creed, colour, gender, sexuality or disability is against the law and will result in immediate termination of your licence.
  6. Offensive weapons are not permitted on the premises.
  7. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, we have a specific responsibility to share with the police information on those we suspect of being involved in the supply of drugs
  8. Smoking in the building is against the law. Smoking is permitted in the garden and all smoking litter must be disposed of in the bin provided in the smoking area. If you are found smoking inside the building you will be given a warning. Ignoring the warning will result in immediate termination of your licence.
  9. Returning to the hostel drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs is not permitted and may lead to refused entry or, in persistent cases, termination of your licence.
  10. Engaging with the support service by attending House Meetings and regular Key-working sessions is an essential part of working positively towards independence. At least 24 hours notice must be given if you are unable to attend a House meeting and the reasons for this discussed and agreed with a member of the staff team. Non-engagement will lead to termination of your licence.
  11. You may be asked to leave the building for a short period during the daytime. In addition restrictions to use of the communal areas may apply at certain times.
  12. Your medication, its safe-keeping and administration, is your responsibility.
  13. Health and Safety & Fire procedures are of utmost importance and must be complied with.
  14. Entry into another resident’s room is not permitted.
  15. You must be appropriately dressed when you leave your bedroom. Appearing in the communal areas in underwear or topless is not permitted.
  16. You are required to keep your bedroom and bathroom room clean and tidy each day and leave any communal space you use in a clean and tidy condition.
  17. Laundry facilities are available at certain times, under staff supervision, and your laundry is your responsibility.
  18. Overnight Absence from the hostel must be booked with staff. Two days absence from the hostel, without prior notice to staff, may lead to the termination of your licence.