Clients Rights and Responsibilities

We want to understand your immediate needs and concerns and respond to them as far as we can within the boundaries of this project. It is important to us that you have the opportunity to engage with us so than we can help you to gain control in making choices in your life and to move-on to greater independence

To help us to do this, we operate an open door policy so that you may approach the project support workers on duty, at any time, in order to discuss your needs, issues and concerns and have a voice in the way the hostel works to support you. The Project Manager is available to meet with you, by appointment but at very short notice, to discuss any ideas or problems which you may want to share. You should also tell a member of staff when you have an idea or suggestion about how to make things better here.

When you first arrive, you will have a booking-in interview where the project workers will talk to you to identify your needs, look at any risks and help you to work towards the desired outcome to your stay. We will consult you at every stage of your support and will arrange to meet with you for regular monitoring and development of your support plan

You will be allocated a Project Support Worker who will work with you to develop your support plan and will support you throughout your stay at LeatherHead Start. You will need to engage with your key worker to ensure that you get the most out of these sessions. You can ask for your needs or risk assessment to be reviewed at any time throughout your stay at LeatherHead Start.

If we are considering any changes to the service or the building which will affect you, we will ask for your opinions and will take your views into account before making any decisions.

You are protected as a service user, by LeatherHead Start’s Equal Opportunities, Health & Safety and Protection from Abuse policies. This means that you and all other residents will be treated fairly, that staff will work hard to ensure that the building is safe for you to live in and that no residents should be subject to abuse either by staff or other residents. You will be informed about these policies and how they affect you when you book in and will find them in the office.

Your conditions of residence
During your stay you will be expected to abide by LeatherHead Start’s House Rules and the conditions of your tenancy, a copy of which will be given to you when you book-in. You will also be told about our Disciplinary procedure.

We hope that you benefit from your stay here at LeatherHead Start.