The hostel is, by law, a smoke-free environment.

Smoking on the premises is allowed only in the rear garden

You will find views of the hostel interior in our Gallery

We have 10 bedrooms: 9 single bedrooms and 1 double (used as a single when not needed by a couple):

  • On 3 levels, each with ensuite shower/toilet and TV
  • The double room, for an established couple, is on the first floor and has a separate bathroom.
  • Ground floor bedrooms are wheelchair accessible
  • Disabled clients have access to a disabled wet room in addition to their own ensuite shower room/toilet

The two communal rooms are used for:

  • Having meals
  • training
  • meeting
  • relaxing

The Kitchen is a controlled space, used for communal meals preparation and training. It is not open access for clients or available for individual meals preparation.

Computer Access for clients is available in a dedicated area of the dining room.

The hostel office is located at the front of the building on the ground floor. It is open from 8am until 11pm for referrals, client support and administration. 

The staff bedroom is located adjacent to the hostel office and is occupied from 11pm until 8am by a single member of staff who sleeps in and is available for emergencies during the night.

The laundry room is well equipped and each client has their own laundry day.

The small garden is a peaceful place to watch the birds and squirrels and have the occasional BBQ.

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